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Convenient Mailing Services & Custom Greeting Cards

Make sending a letter or card as simple as composing an email with Jailsend, LLC in Kansas City, Missouri. Our mailing services include custom greeting cards, which we prepare, print, and mail on your behalf.

Send Mail

Simply upload messages or send emails to our company, and we physically mail them out to correctional facilities. We accommodate letters from 1 to 100 pages at 10 cents per page (packaged per facility mail rules and regulations).  We print them out and mail them for families of individuals in the correctional system. With respect for your privacy, our staff reads none of the messages we process. Our service is stress-free, and includes postage.

Cards for Any Occasion (Coming THIS MONTH - April 2015 on our Premier Website)    

Ideal for any special day, we offer more than 48 styles of greeting cards including subjects such as "Thinking of You" and "Happy Birthday." Each greeting card is customizable—simply choose the greeting you would like to send, and add your personalized message.

Contact us for availability and pricing, and uplift your loved ones with our mailing services and custom greeting cards.
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