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About Us

At Jailsend, LLC, we want to fill the void of easy communication, and make staying connected with incarcerated loved ones easier than ever. Simply use our website or mobile app to send us your pictures and letters, along with the inmate's information, and we responsibly process your order and get the package to the inmate expeditiously.

Our Purpose

The primary source of communication for the average person is through a cell phone. Data from Pew Research™ in 2013 revealed that 97% of adults have a cell phone. The very day an individual is incarcerated, that source of communication is taken away, and it becomes more difficult for loved ones to stay in touch. Although some facilities now allow inmates to receive text-only emails, receiving pictures electronically is extremely rare.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), 2,266,800 adults were incarcerated in U.S. federal and state prisons, and county jails by the end of 2011. Additionally, 70,792 youths were in juvenile detention in 2010. The families, friends, and loved ones of these inmates are forced to communicate by collect calls, or through letters and pictures sent through the mail.

Because they miss milestones and events of their children, significant others, friends, and families; pictures and letters are very popular items for the average American inmate. Unfortunately, correctional facilities do not allow inmates to access Instagram™, Facebook™, or smartphones. These are the primary ways people in the free world send pictures and other forms of correspondence, such as texts or emails, but would simply amount to a letter for an inmate.

Sending pictures or letters to inmates is often time-consuming because of the several steps required to complete the task. A person must first travel to purchase envelopes, stamps, paper, and pens. If a person does not have a printer at home, they must travel to a place that will print the pictures, such as Wal-Mart® or Walgreen's®. After they have prepared the contents of their package, they must travel again to the post office to send it. That task could take several hours for some people to complete, depending on the distance to and from each destination. We aim to eliminate these roadblocks, and simplify the process.

Contact us in Kansas City, Missouri, and have our mail service handle the printing and sending of mail and images to your loved one.